Re: Cancer is not a disease

Dear Raju,

  • "To start at the beginning" a VACUUM is ideal, but the next best thing is AIR.
  • And better than air is INK when we are separated across the globe! "For the few among us" as you observe, (though the tower of Babble) was struck down, babble is better than the sound of silence of the vacuum.
  • Thank you.
  • "Why not start at the beginning again?": though it sounds like a QUESTION, it is ADVICE: Why not start at the beginning again!
  • I wonder if there can be any advice given, that can have ONLY ONE of the following: ethos, pathos and logos. In the B17 discussion pathos predominates!
  • The most significant idea in what you write is the appearance of DUALITY (the seven virtues create the seven deadly sins) in an infinite descent from THE TOWER (of Babel)! In mathematics infinite descent is ubiquitous and so nobody bothers to say what it is! But a few do. To clear it for myself I used PALTER as HBR*1 does: "Virtually everyone lies when we interact or communicate with others. Hard to believe? Well, here is what the evidence tells us: ... people (you and me included!) tell, on average, one or two lies per day. Many of these lies are harmless: e.g., giving a spouse or friend a compliment we really don't mean. Others, however, when mixed in with actual facts, have important consequences!" ... IMO, the statements of the B17 forward un-phalteringly (:) fit that definition of PALTER!
  • Even though LANGUAGE itself IS INCOMPLETE (our personal reality, experience, cannot be communicated to another person ... NEVER ... without the use of words and all words are relative ... (described/defined by other words; dictionary based, I call it)! That is all we have!
  • To your rat-a-tat 1, 2, 3, 4 in the main before the mid-sized parallel, I would add 5. BIG FOOD. Food is medicine is a BIG (common mans) mantra, but do we "eat to live" or do we "live to eat" [the basis (TASTE) of the 1st deadly sin: Gluttony]? And here too we can see THE HAND*2.
  • But even so, we must do the best we can (By learning the art of debunk! and learning takes PATIENCE) Knowledge is accumulative for the most part.
  • Many things fall like manna from heaven (milk in India, pink Himalayan salt, vegetable ghee, etc.) and when milk appeared (through the efforts of the father of the white revolution Verghese Kurien വർഗഗിസ് കുരിയൻ my senior at Guindy) nobody complained but I feel it was extended and now I hear, that for all practical purposes, milk is reconstituted (I did not know this till recently, but one of my friends who is better informed than me told me and other friends)!
  • There is a Chinese proverb "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu" to which I add "there is no stepping back?"
  • In a different context, Jared Diamond told us about "Guns, Germs and Steel" which involved taking those first steps ... those first steps out of the villages (to the cities) in India  (and most other places) started many such journeys ... I think we can return with a giant step to our natural way of life but at a cost.
  • Since you mentioned Laetrile (cyanide ... apple seeds) specifically, I am confident that you know Dan Burton (U.S. congressman 1983-2013) ... yes, optimism is good medicine when you're sick. Not cyanide!

  • I also appreciate the deep philosophy in "an auto mechanic's real God is the photo he hangs in his mind of a bad & dirty road; one must get into his shoes to know his joy and unswerving loyalty to this photo" ... this has wide ranging implications!

*1 ...
*2 ... 2000 or 3000 years ago, Chinese rulers TAXED common salt; that concept was tried in India too but with negative consequences!

With Warm Regards,

On 3/18/2017 3:37 AM, Raju M M wrote:
Dear All,
  • I have had fairly wide reading exposure to claims from alternate medicines, as cures for cancer and some other human diseases. Claims reported from US, Canada, UK, Mexico etc etc are numerous. All this is very very likely going to leave mortals like me and a few among us with a slowly-disappearing wellness Eureka feel,  starting with (1)  "OMG ! is it so easy to get rid of cancer, BP ...etc and moving towards (2) had some improvement from eating walnut, laetrile(B17), apple seeds (3) left the self-inflicted fruit/seed regime some way thro', coz there is no way to assess if genuinely those free-radical-caused lumps self-destructed forever or shown the door and finally (4) what-can-me-alone do against BIG PHARMA from a not-faraway-total-control of the planet, annihilating all likely & alternative genuine cures in their nascent years. So the business goes on, diseases shall continue and/or diseases shall be caused by interested groups, diseases shall be acquired by ever-willing members of the race and so on. 

My small post script, but big one, is:  
  • 1. A good parallel but a mid-size one struck me:     an infra budget fixes on that day by how much a few individuals will become stinkinger-rich (and strengthen all their tentacles of the stash spread) and how their lineage will have to manage their new ethics,...., and several lower layers make their life betterer (we are here) .... and the proles continue, as ever, to grudgingly walk/drive on bad roads (we are here too) OR make their cheating tech more and more refined OR go to public utilities that have grown better by their stink etc...the chain started with human development and closed with self-devlopment of a few, leaving a massive stink in its wake.   
  • 2. Bear with me,   one more parallel is: an auto mechanic's real God is the photo he hangs in his mind of a bad & dirty road; one must get into his shoes to know his joy and unswerving loyalty to this photo... human greed makes many survive in this manner too.
  • 3. One last piece;  inventing honesty, sincerity, discipline..... etc co-invented dishonesty, greed, lust.... etc .which are the seamy sides to human life. Despite these, after a few thousands of years of homo-sapiens on this globe there may not be a long long wait for a super-human society from north of the planet to emerge. this super sect bred on and has to feed on the continuing mediocrity (at best) of the  why should the clamour against the North or the synergic BIG PHAR.... be more than loud ? Why not let the Sloan Kettering doc's and their ilk have their better and better moss up their drive, may be next stop Mars ? Like the auto mech above, any of these doc's should thank their stars when in full view of our sense of hygiene at roads, hospitals, sweetmeat shops, mirchi-bajji shops and many many such,  easily losing count of so many opportunities for failure and for the success of a few others.
  • A bit disjointed above but the theme remains "why not start at the beginning again" and not allow the doc's and the supers to escape 40 light-minutes away from the original habitat?An example is: Indian medical systems like the principal one from China and others need the unrelenting committed approach, for decades at a stretch, to give a fair chance to humans to look away from BIG PHAR.. and its allied forces. And certainly not a few articles, videos, reports and claims from miniscule alternative doctors and their tottering clinics. We can presently find very small capacities and capabilities from our backyard AYUSH, be it consolidation of challenging alternative cures, or refine the understanding and install cutting edge remedies at cellular level, for the range of illnesses shadowing us. And these need tremendous support from the budgets of two Asian Govt's.  A small  reason to rejoice is AYUSH ... at least it exists now and the next inescapable must is quality, double speed, cost and aha! honesty ... before the nanotech and mini-robots sweep the stakes.

Lot of air but I meant to say all of this for sometime. Thanks for the patience.


On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 11:23 AM, Babuji Reddy <> wrote:

In the days before mass communication, PALTERING was an art form indulged by the un-faltering politician.

But these days the palterer is faceless.

What behooves us?

With Kind Regards,


On 3/15/2017 12:10 AM, Nagarajan S wrote:
It is possible that the author who made that presentaion in youtube, may have had some purpose other than educating the public. If this thinking is correct, that presentation is totally useless and should be discarded.
Nagarajan S

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 12:06 PM, Babuji Reddy <> wrote:

Maybe because b17 is not a vitamin at all.

One definition of vitamin is a substance that is essential for ordinary day-to-day life but that which your body does not produce. vitamin = vital-amine!


On 3/12/2017 3:24 PM, Nagarajan S wrote:
How come medical science is not aware of B17 and its benefits despite having most sophisticated instruments to detect chemicals in minute quanantities.

On Mar 12, 2017 04:36, "Babuji Reddy" <> wrote:

Dear Nagarajan,

Yes. One definition of disease is that it can be transmitted readily from person to person (and sometimes from a creature to creature).

Can you share, in what way it is interesting? Many things do not speak for themselves; especially complicated things!



On 3/10/2017 5:13 PM, Nagarajan S wrote:

This video clip is interesting.


Nagarajan S


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